70 photos for 70 years

In May 2018, Urban Saints Westbrook will be celebrating 70 years of offering quality, bespoke, residential experiences for children and young people. Throughout these 70 years groups have been visiting from schools, churches and other organisations and more often than not, they will have taken a group photo while at the centre.

The quintessential Urban Saints Westbrook group photo is and has always been taken on the front steps of the house. If you are reading this page, you've probably been in one of these photos. Or fifteen of them! That's what we need your help with...

To mark the 70th anniversary, the Urban Saints Westbrook team are looking for 70 group photos taken on the front steps of the house - one photo for each year since 1948!

If we can find these 70 photos we'll display them as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations in 2018 and we might even get them turned into a more permanent reminder of our history somewhere at Urban Saints Westbrook too.

So if you've spent any time at Urban Saints Westbrook over the years, get searching your internet history, check your digital camera, dig out those photo albums and raid your archives! We look forward to seeing as many Westbrook group photos as possible as a celebration of young lives transformed at this fantastic residential centre.

Getting the photos to us

Once you've found your photo(s), you can submit them (including the type of group pictured and the year they were taken) to us in a number of ways:-

Email: If you have electronic photos (or are able to scan them into a computer), please send them to media@urbansaints.org.

Facebook: Why not follow Urban Saints Westbrook on Facebook? Then you can post your photo on the page for all to see! While you're there, why not leave us a review or just join in the conversation?! (You can also find us Twitter if that works better for you...)

Mail: If you only have physical photographs (and aren't able to scan them in to a computer), you can send them to our Comms team - Westbrook 70 photos, Urban Saints, Kestin House, 45 Crescent Road, Luton, LU2 0AH. N.B. If they are particularly precious photographs, you may wish to get them sent recorded delivery and include a stamped-addressed envelope if you wish to have them sent back to you once we've scanned them.

In person: We can scan photos for you if you are visiting Urban Saints Westbrook or the Support Centre in Luton.

Track our progress so far...

Here's a small selection of the photos we've received already:

70 years at Westbrook

If you are sure that you have photos but haven't tracked them down yet, why not let us know using the following form (and we can follow up with you by way of a reminder in due course):

Let us know if you think you have suitable photos

What are we going to do with the photos?

We are collecting the photos as a representation of all the fantastic stuff that has happened at Urban Saints Westbrook over 70 years of service. We will display these photos online on our website, through our social media and, if possible, in physical form at the Centre itself. We will only display the group/visit/holiday name and the year it is taken on the photo when shared or displayed and no individual will be recognisable or traceable. We will return all photos submitted, where possible, once we've scanned and saved them although Urban Saints can't accept any responsibility for any photographs lost or damaged in transit. If in doubt, or the photographs are just too precious to be risked, don't send them to us. The ideal would be that you scan any images yourselves before sending them to us. If scanning photographs, please use as high a resolution setting as possible (300 pixels/inch or higher would be ideal) - this will help us if we wish to produce physical displays at the Centre for the anniversary celebrations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Comms Team on 01582 589850 / media@urbansaints.org