Coronavirus FAQs for Groups


Updated 17th March 2020
These FAQs will be regularly reviewed and updated but are correct as at the date stated above.

Q: In what circumstances would Westbrook cancel our visit?

The safety of all those on our Westbrook site is our priority. We would cancel a visit if Government advice required us to do so, or if Urban Saints’ assessment of the situation was that it was not safe to run (this could be for a number of reasons, e.g. if there were not enough staff to run the visit safely, due to coronavirus symptoms or diagnoses).

The decision to cancel a Group visit to Westbrook would be made by Urban Saints, after discussions between the Urban Saints Leadership Team and the Westbrook Centre Manager. Whilst the final decision rests with Urban Saints, we would work in close conjunction with Group Leaders and Local Authorities in such a situation.

Following the UK Government advice on 16th March, the Westbrook team will be in touch with anyone due to visit before 1st June to discuss appropriate arrangements.

Q: What happens to my Group booking if Urban Saints Westbrook cancel it?

A member of the Urban Saints Westbrook team will call you to discuss the outcome of the cancelled booking.

Q: If we withdraw our Group from attending a visit to Westbrook, will we be due a refund?

In this circumstance, the Group would not be due a refund from Westbrook except within the scope of clause 5 of your booking contract.

If you have an individual child who has to be withdrawn from attending a visit to Westbrook for a coronavirus-related medical reason, and has a note from a doctor to confirm this then this will be added to your uncharged underage as given in section 2 of your booking contract.

Q: If a young person or Leader due to come on a trip shows any of the identified symptoms of coronavirus, what should they do?

In line with government guidelines, all those showing the following symptoms ( should self isolate and therefore not join their group on the trip. It is important that those displaying symptoms of the coronavirus do not visit Westbrook.

Q: What if we have a case/ suspected case of coronavirus during our visit to Westbrook? (or a parent alerts us to someone the child has been in close contact with falling ill)

Should the symptoms start on the site then the young person or leader will need to return home. The parents/ guardian of a young person will be contacted to arrange this. While travel is being arranged, the leader or young person should be placed away from the rest of the Group, with appropriate care and supervision. Advice would be sought, in this instance, on what action to take with the rest of the Group.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have enough Leaders to run the trip to Westbrook (due to Leaders in self-isolation/ quarantine)?

As mentioned above, the safety of all those on our site is our priority and adequate numbers of leaders is a key part of this. In such a situation Urban Saints would work closely with the Group Leaders to explore all avenues available whilst ensuring safeguarding standards are not compromised.

Q: What if Westbrook has a case of coronavirus before we arrive?

As this is a changing situation we will closely follow government guidance and will advise you as necessary.

Q: What measures will Urban Saints take before and during your visit to Westbrook to minimise the risk of infection?

Additional information will be issued (in line with government advice) about coming to Westbrook. Westbrook has an allocated Coronavirus Officer (Jo Baynham) who is keeping up to date with latest information regarding the coronavirus, in relation to the work of Westbrook. Any recommended hygiene practices (e.g. extra handwashing) will be followed during your visit. Games and activities will be reviewed to ensure they do not increase the risk of infection. There will be extra signage around the Westbrook site and buildings. The welcome talk given by a member of the Westbrook team on arrival will highlight additional requirements for you and your young people to adhere to during your stay.

Q: Have food safety standards and requirements been increased at Westbrook in light of the coronavirus outbreak?

Westbrook has added new rules and protocols for all those preparing and serving foods at Westbrook. These are designed to minimise the risk of infection whilst you are in residence and will be explained when you arrive on site.

Q: My visit involves different off-site activities, some of which are on sites which concern me – how do we change our programme?

If you have any concerns about off-site activities that you have booked, you should contact the activity providers. If you would like any additional advice then please contact Jo Baynham on 01983 811118 (or

Q: Are there any restrictions on activities for the Group during the visit to Westbrook?

We would encourage you to consider the games and activities you undertake with your group as the spread of coronavirus continues. Clause 10 of your booking contract allows us to cancel activities we consider unsafe. Your activity risk assessments should cover coronavirus transmission, and how it is to be managed.

Q: What advice do we give relating to communion?

If you wish to take communion with your Group during your visit to Westbrook, we recommend that everyone follows the advice provided by the Government on how to minimise spread of the virus. Therefore sharing food should be avoided. Communion could be done by cutting the bread/wafer into small chunks and serving the wine/juice in individual cups/chalices.

Q: Will Westbrook provide advice and information for parents?

We will provide advice and/or information directly to you, the Group Leader, prior to your visit at Westbrook. The information we supply you with should help you to answer parent queries. If parents have any additional questions, please can we ask that you to gather these in and contact Jo Baynham for responses, so you can pass these back to parents.

Q: Who do we contact at Westbrook if we have any questions?

For Westbrook related questions, contact Jo Baynham on 01983 811118 (or on