Coronavirus FAQs for Schools

Updated 5th June 2020
These FAQs will be regularly reviewed and updated but are correct as at the date stated above.

Latest update

In response to the Government instruction to close all schools from Friday 20th March, Jo Baynham (Westbrook Centre Manager) will shortly be in touch with all schools holding residential bookings with us from now until the 1st July 2020.

All other day visits/ activity bookings until 1st July 2020 are postponed. 

At this time, we are preparing for day visits/ activity bookings after 1st July 2020 to go ahead as planned, subject to further guidance.

Q: In what circumstances would Westbrook cancel our visit?

The safety of all those on our Westbrook site is our top priority. We will cancel any visit if Government advice requires us to do so, or if Urban Saints’ assessment of the situation was that it was not safe to run (this could be for a number of reasons, e.g. if there were not enough staff to run the visit safely, due to coronavirus symptoms or diagnoses).

The decision to cancel a School visit to Westbrook would be made by Urban Saints, after discussions between the Urban Saints Leadership Team and the Westbrook Centre Director.  Whilst the final decision rests with Urban Saints, we would work in close conjunction with School leaders and Local Authorities in such a situation.

Q: If the UK Government makes a decision to cancel all school activities including visits, will we be due a refund?

Westbrook will work in close conjunction with School Leaders, Local Authorities and national Government to seek a way forward.

Q: What happens to my School booking if Urban Saints Westbrook cancel it?

A member of the Urban Saints Westbrook team will call you to discuss the outcome of the cancelled booking.

Q: If we withdraw our School trip from attending a visit to Westbrook, will we be due a refund?

In this circumstance, the School would not be due a refund from Westbrook except within the scope of clause 5 of your booking contract.

If you have an individual child who has to be withdrawn from attending a visit to Westbrook for a coronavirus-related medical reason, and has a note from a doctor to confirm this, then this will be added to your uncharged underage as given in section 2 of your booking contract.

Q. Will we provide advice and information for parents?

We will provide advice and/or information directly to you, the School leader, prior to your visit at Westbrook. The information we supply you with should help you to answer parent queries. If parents have any additional questions, please can we ask that you to gather these in and contact Jo Baynham for responses, so you can pass these back to parents.

Q. Who do we contact at Westbrook if we have any questions?

For Westbrook related questions, contact Jo Baynham or Andrew Treagus on 01983 811118 (or on or