Young People

Do I need a passport? 

No! The Isle of Wight is part of England!

Do I need to bring my own bedding and towels?

Yes, we supply a pillow and duvet (and mattress), but you will need to bring a pillow case, bottom sheet, and duvet cover. You will also be expected to have at least 1 shower  during your stay, so please bring your towel with you! 

Does the Tuck Shop sell more than just sweets?

We have re-branded the tuck shop to - Tuck 'n' Stuff, to give more of an idea of what we have in it... Hoodies, Tops, Sock Monkeys, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bibles, Books, and somewhere some sweets! 

Where will I be staying? 

Your group leader will organise who stays in which room, but you will be staying in a dorm room in the main house. Each room has between 2 and 8 beds in it (most of them have 6). Most rooms also have a wash basin and mirror. 

Do I need to bring spare money?

That depends on your group leader, we have a Tuck 'n Stuff, as well as a drinks machine, but it's best to ask them! 

Help! I've broken my leg, can I still come?

Yes! If your group leader is happy for you to come, then we are happy for you to come! Our site is wheelchair friendly, has a ground floor room and disabled bathroom.

Is there a WiFi connection?

There is WiFi on site, however it is down to your group leader as to whether or not you have access to it. The 3G coverage is patchy at best, so be prepared to forgo technology and talk to each other the old fashioned way! We have 18 acres of land, along with a games room, so there is plenty to do that doesn't involved the internet! 

Mobile Phones notice

Do you have hair dryers or straighteners? 


Can I use the Swimming Pool whenever I want to? 

We have a heated swimming pool, however it can only be used in your allocated slots with a lifeguard present. 


If you have left something behind we will probably find it when we check the house after your stay. Anything that we do find we keep for 6 weeks before donating it to a local charity shop (unless it is something valuable, in which case we will keep hold of it for a little longer). If you get to us before then we will arrange a suitable delivery or collection to suit you.