Making Life Easier

This section of the website is designed to make life that little bit easier for you as a leader of your holiday. It includes many printable PDF documents that you can use during the promotion and preparation stages of your holiday.

The First Steps... 

Running your own residential can be seen as daunting, scary and very tiring. Thinking about the endless amounts of paper work needed for things like risk assessments etc. You may be thinking is it worth it??
We say Yes it is!!
To help you with this we have created PDF documents to cover the most needed areas of any group holiday starting with the first stages of promotion to children and parents/guardians and the initial planning.

Power Point Presentation - Urban Saints & Independent Groups

 Sample Letter to Parents/Guardians

Sample Booking Form for Children

Preparation Check List


Once the initial promotion is done and the booking forms start flooding in you will then need to decide what your holiday will look like.

Sample Plan of Week - Urban SaintS & Independent Groups 

Sample Plan of Week - School Groups

Sample Plan of Weekend - Urban SaintS & Independent GrouPS

Sample Plan of Weekend - School Groups

On-site Activities

Sample Risk Assessments for Group Activities 

Sample Kit List 

Sample Menu for a Week

Sample Menu for a Themed Week

Sample Menu for a Weekend

Nearly There...

Hopefully you are now at the stage where everything and everyone is almost prepared for the trip away. Some last minute things to think about are included here.

Centre Room Plan Picture

Centre Room Plan

Registration Sheet

Room Signs 

End of Stay Certificates

Medical Form

Beach Treasure Hunt

The Beach Treasure Hunt document is taken from the Scottish Natural Heritage website, We think it's very interesting, and keep our eyes out for Sea Potato Tests!