Onsite Activities

Urban Saints Westbrook is much more than just a beautiful place to stay. We also offer a full range of activities at the Centre too.

There's so much to try so why not add one or more of our exciting activities to your visit?!

All our activities have been fully risk assessed and we pride ourselves in our high compliance and low accident record. Our staff have a good understanding of current youth and children’s work legislation and best practice.

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Tree Climbing

Apologies - this activity is currently unavailable

A selection of the oldest & tallest trees thrive at Urban Saints Westbrook, and this is your chance to climb them. Climb 50ft into the leafy canopy and enjoy the views.

Maximum turnover of 5 climbers every 20 minutes. Maximum group size 70 per day. Information regarding physical and learning disabilities required in advance of session.


Join Jason, our Ecology and Conservation manager, in the Westbrook garden and woods as he teaches your group about the Westbrook habitat and wildlife, traditional countryside skills, sustainable food growing and much more.

Session duration 90 minutes. One adult per 10 children required as an active participant in activity. Season and weather dependent. Bespoke sessions can be delivered to fit curricular / additional needs as required.


Our enclosed, heated pool is available all year round and the roof is also fully retractable for those hot sunny days on the island!

Maximum number of swimmers 39. At least 1 adult required poolside, in addition to lifeguard provided.


This is a local, offsite activity with transport for up to 30.

Maximum number of players 40. Session duration 90 minutes. Minimum age 8. At least 2 adults required to participate in games.


Maximum number of participants 24. Duration of a session 90 minutes. At least 2 adults required field-side.


Shelter building and fire lighting

Follow in Ray Mears' very footsteps as you learn the skills to survive in the wild - including Search and Rescue, First Aid, Shelter Building and Fire Lighting.

Maximum group 45 per session. Duration 90 minutes. One adult per 10 children required as an active participant in activity.


Choose from:-

  1. Cordage, knots and green rope work. Learn how to strip, boil and weave natural woodland fibres into ropes and slings, learn knots and their usages.
  2. Foraging, camp cooking and water filters. Learn what is safe to eat and what’s not, how to filter water and how to set up an effective camp kitchen.
  3. Safety, survival and stretchers. Safety in the woods, injury treatment and evacuation techniques are an essential part of being in the forest safely.

One of the above options per session. Maximum group 45 per session. Duration 120 minutes. One adult per 10 children required as an active participant in activity.

Bushcraft Day

Combine Bushcraft, and two Bushcraft Advanced options for a full day in the woods.


Practice your map reading skills while exploring our 18 acres of mixed parkland. Will you be the fastest ever to complete the course?!

Allow 60 to 90 minutes per session. Maximum number of participants 40. Minimum age 8. 4 adults required to supervise and/or participate.

Frisbee Golf

The latest craze in the world of crazy sports. Instead of a club and ball, you have a frisbee. Instead of a hole, you have a net. Could this be your new favourite sport?

Free activity. Allow 25 to 50 minutes per session. Maximum number of players 20, 2 adults required to supervise and/or participate.

Low Ropes

Become the next 'King (or Queen) of the Jungle' after completing our Low Ropes course. Scale the Rock Wall, traverse the Burma Bridge and fly along the Zip Wire.

Free activity. Allow 15 to 30 minutes per session. Maximum participants 12. 2 adults required to supervise.


Time away is seriously lacking without a good campfire. We can even provide the marshmallows and the entertainment - smores and stories from our resident storyteller!

When booking your next visit, why not enquire about taking part in these activities? Speak to a member of the team about tailored Activities Packages for your upcoming visit:

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N.B. All activities can be made available to non-residential day visitors too - including use of the swimming pool. Click here for further details.