Meet the team

Jo Baynham

Westbrook Director

Jo has been part of the Urban Saints team since August 2013 and has worked in residential ministries for the last 5 years. When he’s not working, he’s sailing, cooking or going to church. Some people tell Jo that he never does any work at all but he doesn’t care, he can’t hear them from his boat! 

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Andy Treagus

Deputy Manager

Andy has worked in the public sector for over 30 years. Most recently he has worked in Children’s Services on the Isle of Wight. He has a passion for working with children and young people, making a positive difference to their lives where he can. He has many and varied interests, most of which involve his twin passions of cycling and swimming, but not necessarily at the same time.

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Helen Davison

Senior Administrator

Helen is the Westbrook Administrator - she loves music and is otherwise known as “Jo’s outboard brain.” 

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Jason Cox

Activities and Grounds Coordinator

Jason has worked in conservation since leaving college. He's a qualified tree surgeon, has a passion for native cultures and loves nature in all its forms. You may have seen Jason on our Facebook page - he is the "bald bard" of Urban Saints Westbrook! 

Martin Savoury

Kitchen Coordinator

Martin runs the Westbrook kitchen and we suspect that he has six arms, four of which only come out when no-one is looking. Eye protection is required whilst Martin cooks, no one is fast enough to dodge the flying peelings.

Paul Ganderton

Maintenance Lead

Some say that as a boy he was bitten by a radioactive painter-decorator, we’re not so sure – the first recorded sighting was in 1823 where a strange figure stumbled out of the mist into a small mountainous Tibetan village carrying nothing but a Makita Impact Driver, a brew and a small scrap of paper with his name and the longitude & latitude of Westbrook, Paul has no memory of what befell him before this first sighting, we’re just glad he found us in the end.

Margaret Redman

Domestic Lead

Marge is Westbrook's domestic chief; a legend in her own laundry, she knows where the stuff Jo loses is before he’s even lost it! 

Graham Hall

General Assistant

Graham, the Just-Do-It-Gee-Man is Westbrook's consummate all-rounder. You’ll see him serving dinners, over the sink and on the Archery range. No pot unwashed no arrow un-fletched.