Meet the team

Jo Baynham - Westbrook Director

Jo has been part of the Urban Saints team since August 2013 and has worked in residential ministries for the last 5 years. When he’s not working, he’s sailing, cooking or going to church. Some people tell Jo that he never does any work at all but he doesn’t care, he can’t hear them from his boat! 

01983 811118 / email

Andy Treagus - Deputy Manager

Andy has worked in the public sector for over 30 years. Most recently he has worked in Children’s Services on the Isle of Wight. He has a passion for working with children and young people, making a positive difference to their lives where he can. He has many and varied interests, most of which involve his twin passions of cycling and swimming, but not necessarily at the same time.

01983 811118 / email

Helen Davison - Senior Administrator

Helen is the Westbrook Administrator - she loves music and is otherwise known as “Jo’s outboard brain.” 

01983 811118 / email

Joe Rowe - Activities Manager 

Joe is Westbrook very own activities manager, he’s Island born and raised, he plays drums and likes to cycle. Someone once suggested to Joe that he might see what things were like on the mainland at which point he turned into a pumpkin and did not revert until 40 days and 40 nights of continual prayer were finished. Did we mention – Island, born and raised!

Jason Cox - Ecology and Conservation Manager

Jason has worked in conservation since leaving college. He's a qualified tree surgeon, has a passion for native cultures and loves nature in all its forms. You may have seen Jason on our Facebook page - he is the "bald bard" of Urban Saints Westbrook!

Katie Cupis - Kitchen Manager

Katie, what can we say about Katie? Normally we have to make stuff up! Katie sings a lot, a-lot a-lot, in the morning its Celine Dion (yuk) in the afternoon its Metallica (content iffy – musicianship beyond reproach) and at home-time its TakeThat (the less said the better).

Liz Spaven - Kitchen Deputy



Margaret Redman - Domestic Lead

Marge is Westbrook's domestic chief; a legend in her own laundry, she knows where the stuff Jo loses is before he’s even lost it! 


Jon Burden - Maintenance Lead

Jon is a domestic assistant at Westbrook. He has a sixth sense for broken showers and banisters and can fix anything with gaffer tape and WD-40. 


Jilly Curtis - Volunteer

Jilly is our long serving volunteer, she helps with the centres Spiritual life, running sacred spaces around the building and the staff teams fellowship group. Jilly is Wesbrook’s Spiritual protectress, she anoints virtuous staff members with the power of Christ, and those less virtuous with the power of Chris Evans.   

Gill James - Volunteer

Gill is one of Westbrook newest staff members, a duty manager. She enjoys cycling and driving her camper van.


Emma Hyam - Volunteer




Matt Bristow - Volunteer