Acts of Worship

As a Christian residential centre, we are able to offer age appropriate, relevant and inclusive assemblies, acts of faith or collective worship session to assist you in delivering any statutory requirements you may have. These are free of charge and entirely optional. A few examples of the type of thing we can deliver follow, however we are happy to tailor sessions to suit your needs:

“Let he/her who is without sin cast the first stone” – Faith, acceptance and inclusion

This session aims to cover the key points from the Government’s PREVENT strategy from a Christian perspective – focusing on the equality, inclusion and dignity. (Primary)

“Who is my neighbour?” – a dramatic retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

This session involves reading, costumes and drama and seeks to reinforce positive attitudes to compassion and practical care within the classroom setting. 

“People of the book” – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

This session seeks to build an awareness of the similarities and differences between the three monotheistic religions whilst encouraging children to explore and express their faith, lack of faith and the faith of their families. (This session is particularly good for schools with a large multifaith intake)

“Ask me anything! – the hot seat” 

A pupil led, interactive exploration of the Christian faith and where it fits in. (This session is particularly good for older groups for whom there is a curricular requirement for engagement with people of faith)

Contact one of the Urban Saints Westbrook team to find out more about free sessions as part of your stay with us.