Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some generic questions asked, click the links below to go to more specific questions, depending on who you are! 

I am a Young Person 

I am a Group Leader

WHO ARE Urban Saints?

Urban Saints is an interdenominational youth and children's missionary movement. We've been supporting and resourcing local youth and children's groups for well over 100 years and also offer special events, holidays, mission experiences and training.

What Do you do?

Our primary means of supporting youth and children's work is Energize. This subscription-based resources database currently serves over 1250 churches and community groups around the UK and beyond. However, we also provide other activities and experiences that groups can connect with. We work very closely with many other organisations and denominations to ensure that the Church has access to dynamic and engaging youth and children's resources and experiences - and that we don't double-up too much with other like-minded groups!

What does URBAN SAINTS - westbrook do?

Urban Saints - Westbrook hosts hundreds of groups a year from its own Urban Saints groups to church youth groups and schools. Some of our groups visit us on a yearly basis, some come to us because their leaders came to Westbrook as young people but for some it could their first time and first ever residential.

Do we only accept Urban saintS and church groups?

No! We want to accept all groups that would like to visit Westbrook regardless of background or belief. However we openly tell everyone that visits the centre that it is a Christian centre founded on Christian beliefs. We ask that groups are accommodating and respectful of what we believe and how we run the centre.

How can i get involved?

Urban Saints rely on an army of volunteers - particularly as most of the local groups we serve are run by volunteers too. Urban Saints - Westbrook has a paid staff team and to become involved just keep an eye out for opportunities on the 'Join the Team' page.
We also offer volunteer roles at the centre - to become involved as a volunteer just drop us an e-mail.

Urban Saints?! do you only work in cities?

We are aware that the word 'Urban' generally means 'of/from the city'. With this in mind, 'Urban' seeks to reference the city, or Kingdom, of God (particularly bearing in mind the reference to the ‘King of Kings’ in the crest). This is about saints of the Kingdom. However, 'Kingdom Saints' does not resonate with young people as well as ‘Urban Saints’. 

From other feedback we have had, 'Urban Saints' could also be called 'Community Saints' as this is about young people being agents of change in their communities by living lives of faith, hope and love through Christ. Again, ‘Community Saints’ does not resonate with young people as well as ‘Urban Saints’ and it might imply a purely social action agenda, which is not our mission. 

didn't you guys used to be called crusaders?

We did. Crusaders became Urban Saints in January 2007 after celebrating our centenary as a movement. The name change was primarily motivated by our conviction that a new brand/image was needed in order to better serve the Gospel in the new century. God has continued to refresh the movement in the years since the decision, ensuring that we are rigidly holding to the original mission of the movement. To this end, we firmly believe that Urban Saints resonates better with un-churched young people and therefore provides us with increased opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 9:19-23). Since 2007 we have seen many doors that were previously closed to us, in some parts of the country, become more open.